An Award for all you Team Honkers!

mad blog awards

Tanya from Team Honk, Liz from Cambridge Mummy, Jen from Love Chic Living, Penny and Annie, Team Honk

We are so proud to share that Team Honk won the Outstanding Contribution Category this year at the MAD Blog Awards at the Kensington Royal Garden Hotel (MAD stands for Mum And Dad – although we are quite MAD too!) Frankly ALL the women in that category were absolute winners in our book, they work tirelessley and make a huge difference to charities and causes in the off and online worlds.

So it was a real surprise to win. We lifted our chins off the ground and something came out of Penny’s mouth about dedicating it to all of you who took part in Team Honk events and applauding the other amazing finalists. We wanted to say that to those of you who weren’t there on the night too so…

Annie wants to say…

“This is wonderful recognition for every single person who was involved in supporting Sport Relief via Team Honk this year and makes me prouder than ever of everything that the blogging community has achieved by pulling together and optimism at what’s possible in 2015!”

Penny wants to say…

“We dedicate this award to every single person who cycled, walked, ran, scooted, pushed, tweeted and moved that glorious baton further up the country to John O Groats and to all those who helped on social media, pushing our total past £31,000 and raising so much awareness of Comic Relief. You have made a real difference around the world.”

Tanya wants to say…

“Winning this means everything to me. I am so proud of what the blogging community have achieved for Comic Relief and how the money raised is now changing lives all over the world”

Thank you to Suzanne and Kara for the really moving video tribute on the night and to all those who entertained us with a superb flash mob.

Thank you also to the MAD Blog Awards Team, our category sponsor Thorntons, the event sponsor Parentdish, the wonderful Kensington Royal Hotel and all those who made an amazing night possible.

I will leave you with a shot of us getting ready for the night in the bar, I hope we can get all of Team Honk together in one room next year, to dance the night away together. Dangerous saying things like that, because with Team Honk, it may just come true ;)


Our lips are sealed on honk plans until later in the year, but we will be back soon and would love to hear any ideas you may have for 2015. The sky is the limit as far as we are concerned.

Lots of love and huge congratulations ALL HONKERS! TAKE A BOW!

Tanya, Penny and Annie


Highlights: Looking Back

At Team Honk HQ we are already discussing plans for Comic Relief 2015, but it’s always good to look back isn’t it? Here are some of the many highlights from this years massive community effort, followed by a few words from each of us.

Highlights: Looking BackHighlights: Looking BackHighlights: Looking BackHighlights: Looking Backhonk5

And finally a few words from three very grateful ladies…

Change happens when lots of people come together with the same aim. There’s no ‘I’ in team, but lots of tea. To all who made Team Honk a success and helped to change lives of the world’s most disadvantaged – Thank YOU, your actions got noticed and nominated, and reached the final and that means even more change! - Penny

Team Honk and all that we have achieved is one of my proudest achievements. And when I say “we” that is not just referring to myself, Annie and Penny. We truly could not have raised done this without the support of every blogging network; every blogger who wrote a post; every tweet; every £1 you asked to be donated; every mile covered on the Relay. To have been nominated and now made the finalists list for the BiBs is something that makes me incredibly proud and I thank every single one of you who voted for us to get this far. Thank you. – Tanya

We all knew that the blogging community is a great place but the Team Honk relay really did bring online acquaintances, friends old and new together for a great cause – what an amazing privilege to be part of. Thank you form the bottom of my heart. - Annie

A very Team Honk Tiara


We are so chuffed to report that lovely jeweller and friend of Team Honk, Emma Mitchell has made a stunning tiara which is being auctioned at present on eBay, with all proceeds being donated to Sport Relief via the Team Honk giving page.

Emma made this beautiful tiara using fine silver, antique freshwater pearls and teeny tiny real diamond beads. It was inspired by the Spring hellebores growing in her cottage garden. Emma makes her nature-inspired fine silver jewellery in a shed at the bottom of her garden. Her designs have been featured in Country Living magazine, on design blogs, in Kirstie Allsopp’s book ‘craft’ and she has several celebrity customers. She lives in a tiny pink cottage on the edge of the Fens and is a fan of otters and hand knitted cardigans…. 

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Thank yous, medals and an incredible surprise!

team honk medal

We have some incredible news, but first things first!

It is amazing how much a medal means when you hit the end of a challenge. Having run in a Sport Relief Games 6 and one Mile – which I can heartily recommend for the atmosphere and family fun – and got a shiny medal, I feel very guilty we didn’t think of medals for all those who took part in #teamhonkrelay – next year maybe we can have proper ones?

In the meantime, we made cut out and keep medals.  All you need is scissors, glue, ribbon and some stiff card to put in the middle.

KIDS, you need to make these for your Mum for Mother’s Day, or for your Dad just because!

Huge thanks to all those who took part in #teamhonkrelay, all those who sponsored, and all those who supported those who took part – practically, emotionally and socially.

We THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

You are incredible -your creativity, stamina and drive has blown us away.

You’ve created #lastingchange in the world. Be proud!

Now for the final surprise…

We have one last lovely surprise, Tiger Feet Party,  the children’s and adults’ party company, always donate to a good cause each year. We are so pleased to announce, that having watched your antics they have come forward with the amazing news that they have chosen to make Sport Relief, via #teamhonkrelay, their focus for donations this year. We are delighted to share that Tiger Feet Party are donating an incredible £4,000, which brings our total over the £30,000 mark we had secretly hoped and dreamed of all along.

LOOK AT THAT TOTAL! Incredible eh? They are @TigerFeetParty on Twitter, do say hello.

Well done you!