How to get your child’s nursery or school involved in Sport Relief

If you have a spare 20-30 minutes, Sport Relief have all the resources you need to help your school get involved in Sport Relief, from documents to use in the School Council to goody bags to make the event extra special, to curriculum resources and assemblies, everything is really easy to organise.

Bloggers who have their children’s schools on board tell you how they went about it and how easy it was:

Debbie from Johnson Babies approached her daughter’s primary school

Getting Seren’s primary school wasn’t as scary as I thought. After chatting to her teacher a meeting was set up and the sports specialist was invited. After explaining ‘the mission’ I was literally able to hand the baton over, they had so many ideas, and knew exactly what would and wouldn’t work. They loved the idea of the baton, they knew the weather may not be on our side (it is Wales after all) so they came up with an gymnastics relay, with the aim of creative ideas to pass the baton from team to team…. 

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Team Honk Badges

Some of your lovely folk have been asking us for a blog badge to display in sidebars and in posts so here you go! One large one for posts and one small one, help yourself – and thanks for your continuing support – things are looking GOOD!

Team Honk 2014 blogger Relay
Team Honk 2014 blogger Relay

An Update on the Blogger Relay

Happy New Year lovely people! Can you believe that the start is less than two weeks away now and TeamHonkHQ is in full blown panic mode. Which means we have come up with some compromises…

We have made the decision to allow motorised transport. We didn’t want to originally but having talked about it and looked at the logistics of ending ten miles from your car / school runs / weather / ending one day and having to go back to meet somebody the next day it all got a bit much.

So you may travel however you like. BUT in the spirit of fund raising we dont want it to be easy so if you can still do it without, that is going to be something we really shout about and that will probably raise the most funds, which is, after all what this is all about. So can you do it in your pyjamas? With pants on your head? In a onesie? And stop for petrol etc?

We are having a banner like Marathon runners have with “Team Honk for Comic Relief” type thing on it that we will be able to email to you for printing at home. This can then be pinned to your outfit or stuck in your car windows. We are also hoping to have a “HONK for Team Honk and Text HONK to xxxx to donate £5″. And talking of fund raising, this will all be done via Comic Relief. They will create their own version of Just Giving and we will have a Team Honk Team Page. From there you can then create a Team Member page of your own that you can then promote to all your friends and family. Your own total will then form part of the team total. These go live on about 8th Jan so we will be back with more information when it is live.

So this is it – a last call for bloggers and their friends and family to get involved – we have heard some of your exciting plans already, and will be adding a sticky post to this blog in the next couple of days which will list the areas, dates, who’s joining in and what they are doing and that post will be updated as and when people let us know their wonderful plans!

Once again, here are the areas and dates for the relay, click on the area to be taken to that areas Facebook Group, which is where all the planning is taking place:
Cornwall 11th & 12th January
Somerset 13th & 14th January
Bournemouth 15th, 16th & 17th January
Southampton 18th & 19th January
Brighton 20th January
Hastings 21st & 22nd January
Dover 23rd & 24th January
Gravesend 25th January
Southend 26th January
Chelmsford 27th January
Colchester 28th & 29th January
Great Yarmouth 30th January
Norwich 31st January & 1st February
Cambridge 2nd February
Milton Keynes 3rd February
Hemel Hempstead 4th February
St Albans 4th February
London 5th February
Fleet 6th February
Reading 7th February
Oxford 8th & 9th February
Gloucestershire 10th & 11th February
Bristol 12th, 13th & 14th February
Birmingham 15th & 16th February
Peterbrough 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th February
Nottingham 25th and 26th February
Derby 27th February
Sheffield 28th February, 1st & 2nd March
Hull 3rd, 4th & 5th March
Bradford 6th & 7th March
Manchester 8th March
Cheshire 9th & 10th March
Preston 11th March
Morecambe 12th March
Kendal 13th, 14th & 15th March
Darlington 16th March
Durham 17th & 18th March
Washington to John O Groats 19th – 23rd March



Penny (The Alexander Residence) takes the first baton* bit of a #secretthing clue there

Drum roll please…

Without further ado I am really excited to announce that the award-winning, fun-raising phenomenon commonly known as TEAM HONK is officially back for 2014.

That’s you that is! All you people who made Team Honk rock so much last year, and all you who fancy some fun this year. Guess what?

Team Honk won a Brilliance in Blogging Award for Commentary and…da da da…. Comic Relief’s Good News activity from Ghana for Red Nose Day, which Team Honk collaborated on, has now been shortlisted in the Media Relations category at the PRCA awards!

Dream team!

This year the focus is SPORT RELIEF. But before you shunt off to the back of the changing rooms, or try and bunk off, do not fear, we at Team Honk HQ take a very broad minded view of sport. We want as many recruits as possible, we want to be as all encompassing as possible. We have a secret thing you see…

Our vision is one where everyone: bloggers, tweeters, friends and families can come together under the umbrella of Team Honk 2014 and help us whip our amazing £10,000 worth of fun-raising for Comic Relief last year, into something even more incredible. Today we are unwrapping the #secretthing 2014

Hopefully you have already signed up for a local Sport relief event, if not here is more info from Alexander Residence Mummy Barrow and Mammasaurus on how to do that.

Tanya ( tells Team Honk why we would love you get involved in 2014

We were really privileged to see up close and personal how money raised through Comic Relief is spent.  Not many people get that opportunity and that leaves many feeling cynical.  Worrying that maybe the money is not really making a difference, particularly when its a huge nationwide charity helping hundreds, if not, thousands of projects.   After all the sums raised by Comic Relief are staggering:  £100 Million in 2013 alone.

By spending 48 hours at four projects in Ghana we really got to see where the money is being used.  Not just spent but used as loans to support individuals with training and purchasing of tools.   Loans that are then repaid so more people can be helped.   It really struck us that this isn’t about just handing out cash.  This is about empowering people the world over.

We were particularly struck by the work done to support women in Africa, both on our trip to Ghana and by listening to Kirstie Allsop talk about her time in Tanzania.   Annie and Penny also visited projects closer to home that again support families, disadvantaged teens, abused women.   It has been awe inspiring seeing first hand the real difference money raised really makes.

And small amounts make a difference.  This is about raising thousands.   Ten Pounds buys two mosquito nets.   50p buys a vaccine.   £15 buys tools to support somebody at a mental health project in Accra.   It really is astonishing.

In six weeks we managed to help raise £10,000 and we would love to smash that this year.   By pulling together as many bloggers as possible to cover this John O Groats to Lands End challenge.   Each one getting sponosrship that will then go on to save a life.

Who says blogging is a waste of time?   It’s life changing

Annie ( reveals all about the non-motorised John O’Groats to Land’s End Blogger to Blogger Relay Challenge…

Blogger Relay Challenge? What the dickens? We are talking about a blogger to blogger journey the whole length of the country, without using motorised transport, a blogger to blogger Honktastic torch relay – all the way down the Country. We want to support this great cause whilst showing just how great the UK blogging community is, and make no mistake – it is GREAT.

Whatever you level of fitness WE NEED YOU! Join us on the relay or join in by offering to help make cups of tea or bake cakes or organize a get together for others joining in. There are so many ways to get involved, no offer of help is to big or small, it’s all really appreciated.

First off what Team Honks needs is for anyone interested to please CLICK HERE AND FILL IN THE QUESTIONNAIRE (opens in new tab/window) of how you’d like to get involved, it’s 10 questions long and will give us really useful information that will help us plot our route, which by the way is quite the task. If you want to keep up to date with occasional emails from Team Honk you can subscribe to those by clicking here.

I’m not going to go in to all the good work that Sport Relief does today, but I will do in the coming couple of months – all you need to know is this – Sport Relief changes lives, join us and you can be part of changes lives too.

Please do share this post with anyone you feel may be interested!

Good Work in Ghana

The first ever Red Nose Day took place on Feb 5th 1988. This year marks the 25th anniversary of this inaugural event and to mark the occasion, Comic Relief would like to celebrate the progress of Africa and the difference the money raised by the public has made, both in Africa and here in the UK. Annie from Mammasaurus, Tanya from Mummy Barrow and Penny from Alexander Residence are visiting four projects in Ghana on 4th and 5th February to see for themselves the difference Red Nose Day money has been making. They are tweeting and blogging live during their two day visit so people can follow their progress. HOW CAN YOU BE PART OF #TEAMHONK? We would love some help to make Comic Relief’s 25th anniversary celebration go with a BANG! Chances are your donations from the last 25 years has helped to fund some of the work we will be seeing. How you can help

Digital Postcards!

Greetings from Ghana

We would love to send you a digital postcard from our adventures, to share on your blog. Just email and we will do the rest. If you would especially like to hear about a particular project we visit, let us know, our itinerary is on the Team Honk site. First come, first served! There will be digital postcard blog hop hosted at

*PLEASE NOTE! Due to a very high volume of postcards being requested we can’t promise to fulfil any requests after noon on Sunday 3rd Feb until Wednesday 6th!

Blog Badges!


You could host one of our #goodwork badges in your sidebar – the code can be found by clicking here (or #GoodWork Badges in the sidebar)

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BritMums Twitter Party!

 Britmums are hosting a #goodwork Twitter party on Tues 5 Feb at 11am, please do join in if you can and help spread the word.

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Although this bit is about celebrating #goodwork, when we get back we plan to do lots of funny stuff for Red Nose Day, to FUNRAISE and FUNDRAISE. We’d love to have you on #TEAMHONK. More on that on our return.

Annie from Mammasaurus, Tanya from Mummy Barrow and Penny from Alexander Residence