Call for Social Media Supporters

Call for Social Media SupportersWith the #TeamHonkRelay starting in just a few days we are calling for social media supporters, social honkers if you like. We want to gather social media supporters we can get the message out about who is doing what each day for the relay, trying our best to ensure that everyone taking part is supported. Maybe you are already taking part in a physical event and would like to help support the others or maybe you aren’t able to commit to being part of TeamHonk phsyically and would like to join us.
How can you help and be a social honker I hear you cry?

Well it’s like this…

We’d love it if you would sign up below to receive our daily social links emails. These emails will go out each morning from the start of the relay, which is this Sunday, 12th January.
Each morning our email will land in your inbox containing the following:

  • 2 pre-written tweets for the day
  • A link to a post on the Team Honk Facebook page that will contain the ‘what’s happening today’ info
  • A few Pinterest image links that we would love for you to ‘like’ or re-pin if you have a suitable board, these will contain images of people doing all manner of crazy and sporty from #TeamhonkRelay
  • Links to a couple of blog posts written by bloggers taking part that day

What we would love for you to do is share what you can from the links we send you when you can. Wherever possible we’ll send you links to things, to make sharing as fast and painless as possible.

Please CLICK HERE to sign up!


  1. This is great, thanks. Very disappointed that I won’t be able to physically take part (as baby is due soon) but glad to help in any way I can 🙂

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