How to get your child’s nursery or school involved in Sport Relief

If you have a spare 20-30 minutes, Sport Relief have all the resources you need to help your school get involved in Sport Relief, from documents to use in the School Council to goody bags to make the event extra special, to curriculum resources and assemblies, everything is really easy to organise.
Bloggers who have their children’s schools on board tell you how they went about it and how easy it was:

Debbie from Johnson Babies approached her daughter’s primary school

Getting Seren’s primary school wasn’t as scary as I thought. After chatting to her teacher a meeting was set up and the sports specialist was invited. After explaining ‘the mission’ I was literally able to hand the baton over, they had so many ideas, and knew exactly what would and wouldn’t work. They loved the idea of the baton, they knew the weather may not be on our side (it is Wales after all) so they came up with an gymnastics relay, with the aim of creative ideas to pass the baton from team to team.

They agreed to put it the newsletters the week before, and were happy to agree timings so local press could be invited. And then they moved on, to their plans for Sport Relief, thinking they could use creative play to make their own baton between now and March, so that when their Sport Relief activity happens in March, they’ll continue the theme and pass the baton across the classes.

Penny from A Residence volunteered to help her children’s infant school organise a Sport Relief event:

First I asked the headteacher if the school would consider supporting Sport Relief this year. She said yes and asked me to follow up with the Sports Co-ordiantor who happens to be my son’s teacher. I know she only works part time and like me is a mum to small children so as an ex teacher myself I wanted to make it as easy as possible for her.

We had a 15 minute meeting, I shared some ideas from the Sport Relief website, it was decided that with limited outdoor space around the school, the best course of action was to get all children to do a special Sport Relief obstacle course in their PE lessons to coincide with the Nottingham relay dates.

I offered to draft and email her a letter explaining it to parents and asking for sponsorship of a £1 or whatever the child’s family wanted to donate

I found out how many children would be taking part from the office and ordered a fundraising pack sponsored by Cravendale which includes posters, stickers and balloons.

I also made a note of assembly times and got in touch with Comic Relief’s education team to let them know in case they were able to arrange an assembly or visit.

Half an hour of my time, a minimum of £250 raised for Sport Relief, lots of fun for the children and a chance for them to help and think about children living in very different circumstances.

All the information you need is here:

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