Social Postcards – Helping Mothers with HIV in Kenya

Jambo all, hello all! This set of Social Postcards for you to share are all from the Mothers2Mothers project in Kisumu, Kenya. This organisation receive from Comic Relief, to mentor mothers living with HIV to be healthy and happy and to give their children the best possible chance in life.
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HIV in Kenya/Project Background

Kenya has the fourth-largest HIV epidemic in the world. An estimated 1.6 million people are living with HIV and 1.1 million children have been orphaned after losing one or both parents to the disease.

Thanks to Comic Relief funding, Mothers2Mothers is helping pregnant women living with HIV to access the life-saving health services they need to prevent mother-to-child transmission. The project is targeting Nyanza province where prevalence of the disease is almost three times higher than the national average.

Women often discover they are HIV positive during ante-natal care and mentoring helps them to come to terms with this, to deal with the side effects on antiretroviral drugs, to eat well and to deliver babies with the best chance of being HIV negative. Women also learn to breastfeed safely, and to avoid stigma.


Photos and messages


A social postcard 15Beatrice: “I thought I’d never have children due to HIV. Then I received mentoring through pregnancy and along came Gary 


A social postcard 14

Celestine and Wycliffe: “We are what we are thanks to HIV mentoring. Education has given us light and we see the truth” #lastingchange


A social postcard 11

Elizabeth: “HIV is just a condition, you can go further, you can make wonders, you can help others” #lastingchange


A social postcard 8The transmission of the HIV virus from mother to baby is being prevented through mentoring projects in Kenya #lastingchange



A social postcard 3The money raised through raised through Red Nose Day has helped over 3 million people affected by HIV #lastingchange


A social postcard 6

Transmission of HIV from mother to baby is preventable. Mother Mentors guide women with HIV pre and postnatally #lastingchange



A social postcard1Mentor Mothers are trained to support other women with HIV, to reduce the risk of transmitting HIV to their babies #lastingchange



A social postcard 7

£10 could buy a week of healthy meals for a pregnant women with HIV  


A social postcard 13

£30 can support one pregnant women living with HIV in Kenya through her pregnancy and baby’s first six months #lastingchange


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A social postcard 16

While formula can prevent HIV transmission, it isn’t always feasible or safe due to price, water supply and cultural stigma. The World Health Organisation recommends exclusive breastfeeding while taking HIV antiretroviral drugs. Mentoring enables women to breastfeed safely #lastingchange


Thanks for sharing #lastingchange. @RedNoseDay launches today for 2015. Let’s celebrate the difference donations to @ComicRelief make to lives across the world.

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