Photos of #teamhonkrelay Kendal

Saturday 15th March
Spring may be here, but there may still be a dusting of snow as the baton crosses the Pennines from Kendal on Saturday 15th March! To be on the safe side, it will be kept warm in a car with Becky of (@lakessinglemum) and her children.
The handover is happening on the steps of the spectacular Bowes Museum in Barnard Castle, the home of the world’s first ever toy train. They’ll be honking their way up and down the sweep of the drive as the baton goes from West to East into the hands of the Darlington team, HeadinBook (@headinbook) and her family. Once back in Darlington it will take a trip along the original Darlington to Stockton railway line, before being handed over to Cass of (@frugalfamily) who will carry on Honking all the way up to Durham