Sign up for a Social Postcard from Kenya

Sign up for a Social Postcard from Kenya
This Friday, Team Honk founders Penny, Tanya and I are travelling to Kenya with Comic Relief to visit projects that have been supported by money raised by Red Nose Day in the past, reporting back on our finds.

To celebrate the launch of Red Nose Day 2015, we’d like to send you a Social Postcard for you to share on social media on Monday 26th January 2015. Each Social Postcard is a photograph of a project we’ve visited and here’s how it works, in 3 simple steps.

1. Sign Up to receive a Social Postcard here.
2. Late on Sunday 25th January you’ll receive your Social Postcard by email.
3. Anytime on Monday 26th January, please share your Social Postcard on social media (or your blog if you have one and prefer). Whatever social media platform(s) you see fit!

Thank you in advance for any support that you can give with this ‘Social Postcarding’. Please do tell a friends, family, social followers, anyone how to sign up for a Social Postcard as they aren’t just for bloggers!