Come Honk With Me/The Honk Line. Team Honk Announce Fundraising Plans for 2017

For the fourth fabulous year running Team Honk are thrilled to announce how you can get on board and help raise money for Comic Relief this year, and have an amazing time at the same time! We’ve got a fantastic foodie theme going on this year…

Every year for the last four years we have brought bloggers and social media lovers together to do something funny for money. Team Honkers have climbed Snowdon, completed a blogger relay from Land’s End to John O’Groats, Danceathoned and Passed the Proud. We always welcome new members with open arms, it is a lovely way to feel part of a really positive blogging and social media loving community.

Team Honk have raised over £80,000 to make the lives of those living in unimaginably challenging circumstances much happier. Be part of a gorgeous gang making a real difference in the world. You can see how it all began here, one day we will update this page properly!

This year we’ve created two simple ways to do your bit, from the comfort of your home, and/or join us in London for a day that’s going to be hysterical, glamorous and a little bit challenging in equal measure!

Come Honk With Me – Saturday 18th March

We want as many people as possible to host a ‘dinner party’ at home on Saturday 18th March. Dinner party is a loose term, just bring people together and raise some money. We’ll be using the hashtag #ComeHonkWithMe on social media – so you can see all the dinner parties around the world – yes we’ve come up with a way for anyone to join in, wherever you are! You could pledge to:

  • Cook a family ‘fakeaway’ and donate the money you would have spent on a takeaway.
  • Cook a romantic dinner with your loved one and donate the money you would have spent in a restaurant.
  • Have a mad hatter’s kids’  tea party for all your friends with kids.
  • Have a themed night, invite loads of mates to bring a dish and throw a tenner in the pot.
  • Host a full on dinner party and ask friends to donate what they would have paid to go out.
  • Throw a cocktail party and charge accordingly.
  • Have a raffle and invite friends and family to bring prizes.

The Honk Line – Saturday 11th March

For one day only there will be a new overground line in London.  It will run for ten miles from Wimbledon to Primrose Hill (ish, exact route to be determined) and will have one other stop at Hyde Park.     Yes, we are going to walk ten miles!

In dinner jackets and ball gowns

In March

And to continue our foodie theme we will be having breakfast, lunch, and dinner en route and insisting that at least one of those meals is cooked from scratch.    Which means not only do ingredients for the meals have to be brought along too, but the equipment needed for your picnic / outside dining experience.    Think table, chairs, picnic rug, disposable barbecue, calor gas stove.  Ruck sack or festival trolley on wheels?  Candleabra and linen table clothes?  We want to see it all and might even see if we can get some prizes for the most imaginative dinner spread.

We will also have medals for anybody who completes the distance and raises at least £50.

This will be open to all who can make it, families too and if you think your little ones aren’t up to the whole stretch how about doing a mile and joining us for a meal?

How to Sign Up

As in other years Comic Relief have their own giving pages (so 100% of the donation goes straight to the charity).  We have set up a Team Honk Team Page so that all our fund raising is part of one big team total.    You can see it here:   Team Honk

  1.  Register for your own page by going here:   Registration Page
  2.  Click that you are over 16
  3. Then below where it says “I am joining an existing team” type in Team Honk
  4. Find Team Honk
  5. Click “Join Team”
  6. Complete your personal details
  7. That is it, you are in!

Decide which event you want to join in with, or do both!  And then please share with us on Twitter and Facebook what you are up to so we can hear all about it too. Follow Team Honk too! And check out our new Instagram!