5 minutes with Rufus Hound

Today is the day of the Red Nose Day Danceathon, and one of the 40 celebrities taking part, Rufus Hound kindly gave me  5 minutes of his time recently for a chat – here’s what I asked him and his answers, enjoy!

image c/o guardian.com

You won Let’s Dance for Sport Relief back in 2010 dancing to Fight for this Love by Cheryl Cole – has that dance haunted you since? Everyone knows a guy at parties who has a neat party trick, like shuffling a deck of cards with his ears – is the dance yours?

I don’t think I’ve been to a wedding since where the DJ hasn’t put that song on half way through the evening only for everyone to turn and look at me expectantly.

For Red Nose Day this year you’ll be joining Claudia Winkleman and lots of familiar dancey faces at the first ever Comic Relief Danceathon on Sunday 8th March. Can we expect you to dust off and don your Cheryl Cole stylee high-thighed leotard for this?

Ah wouldn’t you know it, it’s always the way, the one you put an outfit in at the dry cleaners – that’s you need it! Sadly, Rufus won’t be donning the outfit again, his relationship with Cheryl ended shortly after Let’s Dance for Sport Relief, over ‘artistic differences’.

What is more scary – dancing on television knowing millions of people are watching – or dancing in front of 2000 slightly sweaty , probably crazily dressed danceathon people at Wembley?

Neither. Now dancing in a nightclub, that’s scary, anything that involves free styling. Give me a routine to follow and I’m fine!

That answers my next question ‘Have you always been lord of the dance’ then. Moving on… I would like to momentarily take a step into the mind of Rufus Hound. Imagine you are at home, in your kitchen washing up with the radio playing – what one song is guaranteed to get you jiggling?

Ah good question, I know the song but I can’t think of the artist…

You can always sign it to me, think of me as Shazaam.

*sings* Ooo I love you indeed I doooo

And Superstition by Stevie Wonder. Oh and Uptown Funk, which is less of a song and more of a chemical weapon to get people dancing in groups.

And if you were going to go to full-blown bust-a move dancing – what move would it be?

All of us non-dancers have essentially the same move, it’s a shuffly two-step where we let our arms do the talking.

Moving back to Comic Relief, what is it about the charity the drives you to support it?

They helps the most vulnerable people in the world in a smart way. They aren’t one of those charities that go into a country and dump aid, they work with organisation for sustainable change, giving people skills that can change their lives in a non-transient way.If you have an iota of compassion you can’t not want to help if you can and putting on a pair of trainers and acting a fool is a small price to pay to help save lives

Finally, I was checking out some Rufus action on You Tube and spotted a clip of you flirting with Anne from the tv programme The Chase. My name is also Ann, so I was wondering it you can give me a closing line of interview charm?

And the answer to that question was for my ears only!

Please support those taking part in the Dacenthon today if you can – you can sponsor the Team Honk team as a whole here. And finally a HUGE thank you for Rufus for sparing time to talk to me and to everyone who has donated, so far this year we’ve raised over £25,000 for Red Nose Day – EPIC STUFF!