5 Reasons you really CAN join Team Honk at the Red Nose Day Danceathon!

5 Reasons you really CAN join Team Honk at the Red Nose Day Danceathon!

I can’t afford a nights stay in London.

The Danceathon is on Sunday 8th March, 2015 from 12 noon – 6pm at the SSE Arena Wembley, so unless you live a long long way away it should be manageable in one day without needing to stay in London overnight.

I can’t afford to travel to London.

The Arena enjoys convenient and fast transport links, whether the best form of transport for you is train, tube, bus, car or coach.

For full details on how to reach the arena, please see here: http://www.ssearena.co.uk/getting-here.

Whether you are signed up or just thinking about joining in, if you join the Team Honk Danceathon Facebook Group you can find out if anyone else in your area is making the journey to London for the Danceathon and maybe find yourself a travelling buddy or car-share and save yourself a solo-journey / money.

I won’t know anyone / I’m just too shy!

We are all a friendly bunch of people, honest! If you are mulling over joining in but feel it’s all a bit out of your comfort zone then why not ask a friend or family to join you and sign them up for a Team honk space – remember Team Honk is not just bloggers, it’s families, friends, social media users and even non-internetees. Yes, it’s fundraising but most of all it’s having fun to save lives, it will be one of the most feel-good thing you’ll ever do!

Anyone can join our Team Honk Danceathon Facebook Groupwhether you have signed up or not. Come over to Facebook now and join and take a look at the lovely people that have joined already and the fun chats – you don’t even have to post in there, just take a sneaky peek and find out if it’s for you.

I can’t dance /  un-fit /  have wobbly bits and don’t want to look like a muppet

Comic Relief and Red Nose day is all about saving lives by doing something funny for money. Everyone has at least one wobbly bit, and I for one have several. No one will be judging anyone on how they look or dance – in fact totally pants dancing is positively encouraged! Yes, it’s a Danceathon and yes there will be dancing but it’s having fun and dancing en masse – what an amazing feeling that will be.

Personally I cannot pogo up and down for medical reasons, and there will be low-impact versions of moves for us ‘more delicate’ souls.

If you are unsure about whether you are healthy or fit enough to join in, drop us an email for a chat at hello@teamhonk.org or join our Facebook Group to ask peoples advice.

I am worried about raising the suggested minimum sponsorship

If you are a blogger: We have a brand interested in sponsoring bloggers the minimum £150- please contact Penny at hello@teamhonk.org for more details.

For everyone: We have a really handy post on Proven to Work Fundraising Tips here. Some of the ideas are simple to implement and really do make a difference!