An Update on the Blogger Relay

Happy New Year lovely people! Can you believe that the start is less than two weeks away now and TeamHonkHQ is in full blown panic mode. Which means we have come up with some compromises…
We have made the decision to allow motorised transport. We didn’t want to originally but having talked about it and looked at the logistics of ending ten miles from your car / school runs / weather / ending one day and having to go back to meet somebody the next day it all got a bit much.

So you may travel however you like. BUT in the spirit of fund raising we dont want it to be easy so if you can still do it without, that is going to be something we really shout about and that will probably raise the most funds, which is, after all what this is all about. So can you do it in your pyjamas? With pants on your head? In a onesie? And stop for petrol etc?

We are having a banner like Marathon runners have with “Team Honk for Comic Relief” type thing on it that we will be able to email to you for printing at home. This can then be pinned to your outfit or stuck in your car windows. We are also hoping to have a “HONK for Team Honk and Text HONK to xxxx to donate £5”. And talking of fund raising, this will all be done via Comic Relief. They will create their own version of Just Giving and we will have a Team Honk Team Page. From there you can then create a Team Member page of your own that you can then promote to all your friends and family. Your own total will then form part of the team total. These go live on about 8th Jan so we will be back with more information when it is live.

So this is it – a last call for bloggers and their friends and family to get involved – we have heard some of your exciting plans already, and will be adding a sticky post to this blog in the next couple of days which will list the areas, dates, who’s joining in and what they are doing and that post will be updated as and when people let us know their wonderful plans!

Once again, here are the areas and dates for the relay, click on the area to be taken to that areas Facebook Group, which is where all the planning is taking place:
Cornwall 11th & 12th January
Somerset 13th & 14th January
Bournemouth 15th, 16th & 17th January
Southampton 18th & 19th January
Brighton 20th January
Hastings 21st & 22nd January
Dover 23rd & 24th January
Gravesend 25th January
Southend 26th January
Chelmsford 27th January
Colchester 28th & 29th January
Great Yarmouth 30th January
Norwich 31st January & 1st February
Cambridge 2nd February
Milton Keynes 3rd February
Hemel Hempstead 4th February
St Albans 4th February
London 5th February
Fleet 6th February
Reading 7th February
Oxford 8th & 9th February
Gloucestershire 10th & 11th February
Bristol 12th, 13th & 14th February
Birmingham 15th & 16th February
Peterbrough 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th February
Nottingham 25th and 26th February
Derby 27th February
Sheffield 28th February, 1st & 2nd March
Hull 3rd, 4th & 5th March
Bradford 6th & 7th March
Manchester 8th March
Cheshire 9th & 10th March
Preston 11th March
Morecambe 12th March
Kendal 13th, 14th & 15th March
Darlington 16th March
Durham 17th & 18th March
Washington to John O Groats 19th – 23rd March


    • Mammasaurus

      A map will be to come next week – once we have finalised the areas joining in x

  1. Will be emailing you tonight regarding my bit of Wales. I just need to know who I’m passing to in Gloucs, because the 9th is easiest for me to get it there.
    P.s. My local school has said yes to getting involved! 🙂

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