BUY SOAP! Your slice of #lastingchange

Meet Claudia, she went from making 20 litres of soap a week  to 3000 after receiving business training funded by Sport Relief.

She now employs two others and trains many more. Trade is the key to the END of poverty, Africa needs to regain just a small percentage of export to be independent of aid. When I spoke to Richard Curtis at Number 10, we talked about goals for Sport Relief, he wants to see an end to world poverty by 2030. Wouldn’t that be incredible?

When we met Claudia, the plan was to buy some soap to get  a handful of bloggers to ‘review’ to share the word about #lastingchange. But while we were in Africa so many people did just that. So instead we thought sharing this soap with as many people as possible, in return for a donation to Sport Relief, would be a way to share #lastingchange and to keep the cycle going.

Here Claudia is in her ‘factory’ at the end of the garden, this is the table where she makes hand soap.


So we brought several big long bars like this back and my kids chopped them into lots of pieces.


They got quite excited seeing the piles of soap. They tested in the bath. Claudia Ph tests the soap herself of course!


We could see the difference a pile of soap could make to the #teamhonkrelay fundraising total. I think Claudia would be pleased to see her soap travelling so far, and helping to create even more lasting change.


The bar of soap represents a slice of #lastingchange, a tangible, fragrant and useful slice of  Tanzania!

We wanted to do one last thing to symbolise how entwined all those involved in #teamhonkrelay have become in creating #lastingchange. So we (well my kids) wrapped the soap in tissue paper to keep it safe in transit, and tied it up with some of the ribbon we kept back for emergency#teamhonkrelay baton repairs.



A real slice of #lastingchange. Perfect for Mothers Day.


We ask you to donate a minimum of £5 to Sport Relief for your piece of #lastingchange. We really want to smash that £25k mark this weekend!

You can buy it here from 8am on Saturday 22nd March 2014, in Annie’s shop, but hurry, stock is limited!

Velta International Freight Management have very kindly agreed to organise and cover the cost of shipping the soap. Velta International are a leading UK based logistics company providing a range of services for international freight forwarding and supply chain solutions. Give them a shout out on Twitter @VELTAInt.

You can read more about Claudia’s story here, via Annie.


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