Can’t make it to the Danceathon? #HonkFromHome !

#honkfromhomeThe Red Nose Day Danceathon takes place at Wembley on Sunday 8th March, 12-6pm and Team Honk will be there – if you want to join us simply sign up here, using the ‘Exclusive Team Honk sign up’ option and password DANCEATHON2015 – but what if you can’t be there? Fear not, you can still be part of the Team Honk fun!
The Danceathon will be live streamed via the red button on the BBC, so if you can participate at Wembley you can at home! Why not get a group of friends together for an afternoon of dancing in London, or in your living room, leisure centre, church hall dance school, pub?

Here’s some ideas from fellow Team Honkers to inspire you to #HonkFromHome :

Carolin from Mummy Alarm suggests:

Organise your own danceathon at home. Invite friends and their kids and have a boogie together. Nibbles and drinks are optional, but giggles are guaranteed! 

Aly from Bug, Bird and Bee suggests:

Do the Conga around your neighbourhood or ask your child’s school to conga around the playground

Tanya from Mummy Barrow suggests:

Have a party at home. People bring a plate of food and £1 per head. The food gets scoffed, you all dance, and the £1 is put on your giving page as a total. Every £1 makes a huge difference.

Penny from Parent Shaped suggests:

Go down the old skool bake sale route if you really really don’t want to jiggle about! With the danceathon being live streamed you’ll be able to join us in dancing spirit wherever you are!

Cass from Diary of a Frugal Family suggests:

Take over a local hall or school hall and having a mini dance-athon with an entry fee to raise money.

How to sign up to #HonkFromHome

Join our giving page here:

Click on that, click you are over 16 and then “I’m Joining an existing Team” type in “Team Honk” you can then set up your own page within Team Honk.


If you have singed up or are considering it but have questions or worries (‘I won’t know anyone!’ for example), join our friendly, happy Facebook Group and chat with us – or silently watch if you are shy!