Highlights: Looking Back

At Team Honk HQ we are already discussing plans for Comic Relief 2015, but it’s always good to look back isn’t it? Here are some of the many highlights from this years massive community effort, followed by a few words from each of us.
Highlights: Looking BackHighlights: Looking BackHighlights: Looking BackHighlights: Looking Backhonk5

And finally a few words from three very grateful ladies…

Change happens when lots of people come together with the same aim. There’s no ‘I’ in team, but lots of tea. To all who made Team Honk a success and helped to change lives of the world’s most disadvantaged – Thank YOU, your actions got noticed and nominated, and reached the final and that means even more change! – Penny

Team Honk and all that we have achieved is one of my proudest achievements. And when I say “we” that is not just referring to myself, Annie and Penny. We truly could not have raised done this without the support of every blogging network; every blogger who wrote a post; every tweet; every £1 you asked to be donated; every mile covered on the Relay. To have been nominated and now made the finalists list for the BiBs is something that makes me incredibly proud and I thank every single one of you who voted for us to get this far. Thank you. – Tanya

We all knew that the blogging community is a great place but the Team Honk relay really did bring online acquaintances, friends old and new together for a great cause – what an amazing privilege to be part of. Thank you form the bottom of my heart. – Annie