Inspiring Women Blogging Prompt

Inspiring Women Blogging PromptComic Relief and Sport Relief fund many projects both in the UK and abroad that supports women. With International Womens Day on Saturday 8th March, we would like you to join in in celebrating women and join us in sharing with your readers an inspiring woman, a woman who has inspired you – maybe it’s your mother, daughter, a friend, a teacher, someone in the media, an historic figure, the possibilities are endless.

We’d like to invite you to join us by posting a photo or image of a woman who’s inspired you along a with a few lines on how and why. If you would like to link back here, so enable readers to discover other women who have inspired that would be lovely, but if you would rather not, that’s totally cool.

Inspiring Women Blogging Prompt

Our inspiring woman is Davina McCall
Davina McCall

We first met Davina when we traveled to Ghana with Comic Relief this time last year and from the off her commitment to the charity shone through, along with her passion for women helping women. Having recently undertaken the BT Sport Relief Challenge: Davina – Beyond Breaking Point, a grueling week that saw her run, swim and cycle over 500 miles from London to Edinburgh.

Tanya on why Davina inspires her:

I have made no secret of my love of Davina, in fact my husband had a t-shirt made for me that said just that . But why do I find her inspirational? Well not only is she a hands on mum, loving wife, fitness guru and charity campaigner but Davina is a fierce supporter of women. Particularly women and girls in Africa where she has been visiting with Comic Relief for over 15 years. The money she has helped raise over that time will change lives. Forever. And what could possibly be more inspirational than that?

Penny on why Davina inspires here:

In Ghana Davina talked about the power of women when they get together to help each other. Over the last year I’ve seen that in my personal and professional life like never before. I’ve worked with women to change the world and been carried by other women when times got tough. I climbed Snowdon last year with incredible women (and men) and cycled 30 miles this year with amazing women (who changed 8 punctures). I have seen first hand what Davina meant.


  1. What more can I say? I think this woman is a marvel. And I am hoping that her recent Sport Relief challenge will bring her to the attention of a lot more people. Who will all see what an amazing woman she is. And inspirational. Davina’s back story is extraordinary and really shows you that if you are determined to work hard and succeed you can. She is bloody brilliant.

  2. Glosgall

    Exceptional lady doing exceptional things for the benefit of the less fortunate.

  3. I think Davina has really become someone else in recent years. I always loved her fun and energy, but I see so much more to her now, after everything she has done.

  4. I’ve linked up – I don’t actually know the woman who inspired me, she was the friend of a friend, but her achievement spurred me on to find my own. 🙂

  5. […] As you might know today 8th of March is the International Women’s Day. All around the world women celebrate this day with flowers, wine and cheer. In Romania we celebrate mother’s especially too.Team Honk is about bloggers raising money and awareness for Comic Relief. To celebrate International Women’s Day #IWD2014, Tanya, Annie and Penny are in Tanzania finding out how donations to Sport Relief last year have created female entrepreneurs and #lastingchange for women, their families and communities and beyond – rippling out #lastingchange in Africa.Joyce – Through mentoring and training the Gatsby Trust have helped Joyce expand her poultry business from just a few chicks to now having 300.  She has also now built an extension to house another 400 which should be arriving next week.   The training that Joyce has received has enabled her to make her own feed, thereby saving her money, and also to ensure the feed is healthy.   It has also taught her to recognise signs of disease in her chicks to such an extend that she now has a completely healthy clutch.   Other poultry keepers in her area now phone her for advice and training.   The network of women is now in a much more powerful position to broker deals to sell to supermarkets as they can promise supply, which Joyce couldn’t do on her own. Joyce is supporting her family and is able to pay for her son to attend a boarding school.Hearing so much about how this women in Tanzania made so much for their community with the help of Comic Relief and hundreds of women bloggers in UK makes me feel so proud I am a woman too. Can you believe that £22.000 were raised until now by these amazing women? And their work continues so I am sure that by the end of the campaign their will be lots more. Do you want to talk about inspiring woman in your life? Well you could do that through a blog post too. Although I didn’t do it yet you can still do it and join in with the blogging prompt on Team Honk Website. […]

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