Join Team Honk to fundraise for Sport Relief 2016 and #PasstheProud

Team Honk is back for a fourth year of fundraising for Comic/Sport Relief. In 2013 we bagged Snowdon,  in 2014 we relayed from Lands End to John O Groats and in 2015 we danced ourselves silly at Wembley.

We’ve raised an insane amount of money (more on the total in a minute), but we know there is lots more to be done to help the world’s most underprivileged people. Not everyone realised that Sport Relief money is divided equally: 50% staying here in the UK, and 50% helping those across the world’s poorest communities. In the last two years alone, money raised through Sport Relief has helped over 11.5 million people.

It is time to do your bit, let’s #passtheproud

This year we’ve banished all limits of time, space and geography.

Anything is possible.

During March people across the world will #passtheproud baton by the power of the internet.

What does that mean we hear you ask?

You decide what you want to do to fundraise – from bake sales, to moon walks, to 5ks, to all day discos, to the Sport Relief official games – whatever makes you feel proud and it doesn’t have to be sporty.

Join up with friends and family  – the more people on Team Honk the merrier, you don’t have to be a blogger.

Make a rough plan and sign up for a time slot and Team Honk giving page. We have slots all through March.


So you have a slot and a plan, then what?

We want to make lots of noise on the internet. So we will let you know who is before and after you, so you can arrange a ‘virtual baton handover’,  a handover tweet or facebook or instagram in which you @ or tag the next person. If you don’t fancy that, don’t worry Team Honk can do it for you.

Which brings us on to the baton.

It’s a printable. Print it off and decorate it, include it in lots of #passtheproud selfies. The best one on the #passtheproud hashtag will win a fabulous prize.

Raise money

Change Lives

Walking with Jo Brand for a section of her Hell of a Walk really inspired me. Jo showed everyone that challenges for Sport Relief are completely personal and not just for athletes. Each year Sport Relief pushes me to do something I am proud of. On Friday I asked friends and family for ideas, in a couple of hours a plan had hatched for something awesome. It really is that simple – ask your friends and family to join you!

— Penny

So as Penny said we want to #PassTheProud around the internet and find lots of different ways to raise that much needed money.   Trying to come up with an idea though can often be the hardest part so we thought we would give you one of seven categories (a bit like Team Honk being Snow White and these are our Seven Vertically Challenged friends) to choose from in the hope it makes it a bit easier.  And also to show you that this is about making yourself proud, it doesn’t have to be just a sporty challenge because it is for Sport Relief.  It can be anything.    

But since it is Sport Relief the first category is Sporty.  So you might want to get yourself sponsored to do a 10K, or maybe even a marathon.   Or to cycle 25 miles.   Anything that you fancy doing that involves a pair of trainers would fit. 

The second one is Bakey .  Pretty straight forward really.  Bake a load of goodies and then sell them to your friends at work.  Or have a coffee morning and charge an entrance fee to attend.   Anything that involves you getting busy in the kitchen would be bakey challenge. 
Mad that’s the third one.   So for me (that’s Mummy Barrow) that would be agreeing to run a mile.  It would be utter madness.   For you though it might be signing up to scale the O2 (and yes you can do that).  Or a bungey jump or abseil.  Or even a parachute jump.  Anything that when you tell your friends what you are doing for Sport Relief they reply with “are you mad?!!!”

The fourth one is Official.The Sainsburys Games take place at five cities around the UK on 19th and 20th March and you can sign up to swim / cycle or run at those events.  If you do, well you are officially fabulous and therefore you challenge is official. 

We have often found that kids want to get involved and that they can do daft things that we really want to.   Like walking backwards all day on a Saturday.  Or a sponsored silence.  Or giving up chocolate for week (that might come under “mad” as well to be honest).   We have found in the past that all of our children have really wanted to get involved and have been incredibly proud of raising their own sponsorship.   So if you have a small person who wants to do something, we want them to join the Mini category and then we can make sure we show how proud we are of them too. 

The next one is Brave  The one where you are scared of heights but you get sponsored to go to the top of the Shard.   Similar to the Mad category but this is a different level for you because you really are facing your fear and being really brave, all in the name of raising money for people that are leading incredible tough lives. 

Lastly we have Team.   Maybe as a team you want to do something.  That team might be your mates at Slimming World, brownies or your running club.   You all come up with a grand plan to raise money and rather than doing something individually you sign up as a little sub team of Team Honk and do your thing for charity. 

Once you have your idea you then need to book a slot when you will do it (more on that below), decide on your fundraising target and get a fundraising page.   You can sign up here.  Please DON’T use justgiving etc as it will not count towards the team total and they take a small %.   Use the process on Sport Relief blog and 100% of the money you raise goes to those that need it.
But what should your target be?  Well that is entirely up to you.    As a Team we have set a target of £20,000 for one reason only.  IF, and we know it is a huge if, we smash that amount then Team Honk will have raised over £100,000 in just four years.  

And that to us seemed like too gorgeous a figure not to aim for.  
We know £20,000 is a big target to aim for but in previous years we have done over £30,000 so we have every confidence in Team Honk being able to do it!
You just need to come up with your idea now, and book your slot during which you will make yourself proud and then #PassTheProud on to the next person. 

Being a part of Team Honk is something that makes me proud. And seeing how it has changed lives for so many people spurs me on to want to do more and more. Just a few Pounds can make a huge difference to somebody’s life here in the UK, or in Africa and if we all do just a little bit, as a team, we can really make a difference and so something for which we should all be proud.

— Tanya

Book a time slot

You can book anything from a one hour time slot to a 10 hour one, whatever suits your plans. It’s easy to book a time slot:

  1. Pick a length of time from the options below
  2. Scroll across to March on the calendar
  3. Pick a date and a time
  4. Fill in your details
  5. Hit Book!

We’ll then be in touch to support you, find out your plans so we can promote your fundraising on the Team Honk blog and social media.

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