Photos of #teamhonkrelay Bradford

(Photos added as they come in)
Wednesday 5th March

Today sees the start of the Bradford leg, with Sian from You’re not from round here travelling 15 miles from Bardsey via Harewood House in Leeds passing the baton to Kirsty from Eeh Bah Mum at Betty’s tea rooms in Ilkley.

It all started when Sian picked up the baton from Bardsey Sports Club:

team honk pickup

Before taking it all the way to the beautiful Harewood House:

Harewood House


Before handing over to @EehBahMum:

Team honk handover

The car was well pimped!



pimped car


From there it went all the way to Ilkley Moor – check out that wind!


Thursday 6th March

Kirsty from Eeh Bah Mum who will be morris dancing 5 miles to Silsden, she will pass the baton to Heather from Pret-a-Mummy who will be running run 5 miles to Keighley.

image image[1]


Friday 7th March

The baton will be passed from Heather to Michelle from Crowtherclan will be travelling 18 miles to Huddersfield firstly cycling dressed as Le Tour de France to Haworth, and from Haworth to Huddersfield by car.  She will pass the baton to Emma from Tales of a Greenwood who will be cycling 20 miles to Manchester to pass the baton to Team Honk Manchester.


It’s been wonderful to follow Bradford’s progress over the last couple of days. You guys look to have had so much fun! Well done! Anyone who would like to sponsor Team Honk Bradford you still can, just click the link to donate! Now on to TeamHonkManchester tomorrow!


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