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One of the beautiful things about the #TeamHonkRelay (other than you gorgeous bloggers!) is how some companies have completely got on board and given us products and services for free. We’ve been so lucky that across the UK, numerous companies – small and large alike – have helped save us time and money, which all adds up to more sponsorship.
The bloggers carrying out #honkopoly in London were thrilled by the work of one such company: Print-Print. In case you missed it, London #TeamHonkRelay, AKA #honkopoly, took the baton around the Monopoly board, stopping at every colour and every station (as well as a few iconic landmarks). In keeping with the Monopoly theme they donned Sport Relief onesies and Monopoly-style accessories.

Photos of #teamhonkrelay London - Honkopoly

Vanessa (HPMcQ), Sarah (Grenglish) and Sophie (Franglaise Mummy) who organised #honkopoly decided it would be a good idea to hand flyers out to passers-by, partly to explain what on earth they were doing, and partly to push people to sponsor either via the web link or via the text number.

They were lucky enough to have a design already to go (with thanks to Mr McQuitty Ltd ), but needed a lovely printer who would be sympathetic to the cause. In stepped Mummy Barrow, who happened to know just the man.

Dean at Print-Print was happy to print off the flyers that the honkopoliers wanted – even when they suddenly wanted loads, and he didn’t bat an eyelid when they asked for them to be double-sided too. All of which was completely free of charge.

As Print-Print are based in Shropshire everything had to be carried out online. Over literally a couple of emails everything was sorted – quantities, paper size, delivery, files needed etc. Their turnaround was incredible, especially considering Team Honk weren’t paying clients and weren’t in a mad rush. Within 48 hours of emailing the artwork to Print-Print, a box full of the final flyers arrived in London. Now that’s what we call service! On top of that the quality was fantastic, meaning the honkopoliers were more than happy to hand the flyers out as they paraded around London.

Everyone at Team Honk, and especially everyone at Team Honk London, would like to say a big thank you to Dean and all the Print-Print team for such great work, professionalism and wonderful service. We cannot recommend them enough for your printing needs, whether you are local to them or not.


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