Team Honk 2014 Relay Route and MasterPlan !

Well here it is folks, the definitive Team Honk 2014 Relay Route, complete with what the who’s, what’s where’s and when’s. This post will be updated as and when extra people join in and new fun events and travel information reaches us – so save this page!

Coming this week: Fundraising Page details, fundraising hints and tips and a printable marathon style sign with hopefully our official text donate number on.

BEHOLD! TeamHonk 2014 Relay Map

Cornwall – Sunday 12 January – total approx. distance 80 miles

Cornwall will be putting their first and second best feet forward with community blogger Pippa from Story of Mum of Penzance. Powered by friendship, far-fetched footwear and First Great Western, Story of Mum and friends will travel the 37.7 mile journey from Lands End to Truro wearing their first and second best shoes maybe a well-loved welly alongside a hoofing great high heel? Fabulous friends are jumping in to save the day, whisking car-less Story of Mum and the baton from Lands End at 9am arriving in Newlyn at 9.45am, where they’ll all be joined by lots of mums, dads, kids, random footwear fans, all wearing mismatched shoes, for a wonky walk (stormy Cornish weather permitting!) along the coast from Newlyn Green to Penzance train station.
At Penzance train station they’ll jump on an 11am train to Truro to pass the baton to Fiona of Coombe Mill ( ) at 11.45, who will be decorating her car and adding a trailer with a bike with teddy cycling to drive to Camelford to hand to Lara from Trails of the Unexpected at 1pm.  Lara will be taking to two wheels from Camelford to Bude via a group of cyclists who will pass the baton over to the Caked in Mud runners. Putting our trail shoes on and our muddy feet forward, we will be running over the SW coast path to Hartland Quay, a journey of approx 15 miles with some lung busting elevations to take on! Head torches will be worn as the light will be going towards the end of the run. Once at Hartland, they may take a breather for a slice of cake and a cup of tea, well it wouldn’t be a Caked in Mud run if they didn’t! After refreshing the parts other hot beverages can’t reach, Lara will take to four wheels in order to meet up with our final Honker, Jenny from Mummy Mishaps in Bideford who will then take the baton through border crossings to Somerset for the start of Day 2. A journey of approx. 41 miles will be achieved by cycling, running and motoring through the northern section of the county.

To get involved with the Cornwall leg or offer local support please join the Cornwall Team Honkers Facebook Group here.[clear-line]

Somerset – Mon. 13th & Tues. 14th January – total distance 55 miles

On Monday 14th January, Victoria from Verily Victoria Vocalises will be meeting Jenny from Mummy Mishaps and Gina from Cold Tea and Smelly Nappies at 10.45am and doing the rounds of Taunton dressed in silly costumes, then Victoria will take the baton on Bridgwater to Nik Nak from Through Niks Lens to do the rounds. The baton will make it’s way back to Crewkerne where, the following morning, Victoria will be riding her inflatable horse to St Bartholomews school in Crewkerne met by excitable school children and members of the press! (Grace has already told her that she is a VERY embarrassing mother!). Then Victoria will stop off in Yeovil and then travel via her decorated convertible playing some truly awful music to Dorchester where she will meet Sonya from The Ramblings of a Formerly Rock n Roll Mum with a very public handover!
To get involved with the Somerset leg or offer local support please join the Somerset Team Honkers Facebook Group here.[clear-line]

Bournemouth – Weds 15th, Thurs 16th & Fri 17th January

Sonya from The Ramblings of a Formerly Rock n Roll Mum and Lynn from A Slice of Lemon’s Cake are leaving Dorchester at 12.30pm , taking the baton in what we are told will be rock’n’roll stylee to Blandford to meet Kirsty and Clara from My Two Mums.  Kirsty will be scooting in a onesie  , stopping  for a lap around Bradbury rings with Mand then driving to Wimborne where Clara will scoot to meet Joanne From Charliemoos . Joanne takes it from there by bike and will keep hold of it until Thursday.  On Thursday Joanne hands the baton to Kara from ChelseaMamma who will be travelling along the promenade in didicar. Friday sees it heading to Hythe in the outskirts of Southampton to meet with Annie from Mammasaurus.

To get involved with the Bournemouth leg or offer local support please join the Bournemouth Team Honkers Facebook Group here.[clear-line]

Southampton – Sat. 18th & Sun. 19th January – total distance approx 60 miles

On Saturday 18th March. Karen from Tales of a Twin Mum sets off from Quay Fifteen,Shamrock Quay, Williams Street, Southampton SO14 5QL

Lisa Congdon (Chair of Southampton Twins and Supertwins Club)With  have boats, twin families, a sports car, a ferry, a couple of amazing marathon runners, horses, manicures, children’s television characters and lots more in the pipeline. Plus Mammasaurus happens to live down the road in Southampton, so I’m sure she’ll be making an appearance at times too. The full schedule will be announced very soon. In addition to  Southampton Twins Club (who have been most fantastic), we also have confirmed support from Quay Fifteen (a new bar opening soon at Shamrock Quay) TJ MarineB&Q Fareham and Mini Multiples Twins Club with more to follow…

To get involved with the Southampton leg or offer local support please join the Southampton Team Honkers Facebook Group here.[clear-line]

Wales – Sunday 19th January – total distance approx 300 miles

The Wales route runs alongside the England route Team Honk Fishguard to Haverfordwest to Milford Haven to Cardiff (142 Miles) On Sunday 19th January, Rebecca from Mum of Three Boys will be travelling 22.2 miles from Cardigan to Haverfordwest by car. At Scolton Manor, Rebecca will pass the baton to Claire from Diary of the Evans-Crittens at 11am. Together they will run the Scolton Manor Dragon’s Run Mini Beasts Exercise Trail dressed in fancydress and stopping to complete each fun exercise challenge. Claire will then drive 7 miles to Milford Haven with the baton. That week, local schools will be given the opportunity to take part in fun relays within school with the Team Honk Sports Relief Baton.

On Sunday 26th January, Claire from Team Honk Pembrokeshire will drive 80 miles in Fancy Dress to Margam Park where she will pass the baton to Debbie from Johnson Babies and together, with children on tow, running with ensue, followed by Tony cycling the 26miles home.
Monday 27th the baton has it’s first ever Zumba session with Jo, followed by Tom & Seb cycling across Cardiff Bay Barrage, before Seren, Tom and Seb have a water relay at Fontegary.
Tuesday 28th lots of Team Honk cakes are heading to London and Seren will be taking the baton to gymnastics at Barry YMCA. Wednesday 19th All five of us will be taking the baton across Barry Island beach. Thursday 20th The baton will be accompanying Barry Mens Squash Team as the take on David Lloyd in Cardiff. Friday 321st Rhws Primary’s Reception classes will be doing a gymnastics relay, and then Tom & Seb will be handing the baton over to Emily’s gorgeous twin girls.ALL of this will be done in fancy dress.
On Friday 31st January, Debbie will travel 15 miles where the multiple take over will commence with Emily from Twin Mummy and Daddy, when two set of twins will engage in much merriment as they exchange the baton. Following on from this on Saturday 1st February, Emily will travel 3 miles in fancy dress from Cardiff where she will pass the baton onto Jo from Ojos World and together they will run a lap around Caerphilly Castle wearing pyjamas and dressing gown.Jo will either be posting to North Wales or driving in her pajamas to Gloucester.
To get involved with the Wales leg or offer local support please join the Wales Team Honkers Facebook Group here.[clear-line]

Brighton – Monday 20th January – total distance approx 47 miles

On Monday 20th January, Katrin Naish from Bare Chic and Katie from Hurrah for Gin will be running 4 miles from Worthing Pier to Salting Roundabout in Shoreham. At approximately 9.40am she will pass the baton to Maddie Sinclair from Gammon & Chips who will be travelling 2 miles from Shoreham to Southwick with her 2 year old daughter in a buggy.Next the baton gets passed to Sophie Wearing who will be travelling 2 miles from Southwick to Hove Lagoon, how is TBC. Next in this large group of Brighton Honkers the baton is passed to Sarah from A Field Somewhere and Maddie (Gammon and Chips) who will be travelling 4 miles to Brighton Marina wearing fancy dress.

Next the baton passes to Di from who will be travelling 2.5 miles to Rottingdean, how TBC. Next en route is Anya from Older Single Mum who will be travelling 2.5 miles to Peacehaven, again how TBC. Anya will be passing the baton to her firend who will be travelling 16.5 miles to Eastbourne on bicycle.From here the baton reaches Clare from Little Pink Tea Cup who will be travelling 5 miles to Pevensey, how TBC.The final 12 miles is TBC.   is running.
To get involved with the Brighton leg or offer local support please join the Brighton Team Honkers Facebook Group here.[clear-line]

Hastings / Dover – Weds 22nd Thurs 23rd & Fri 24th January – total distance approx miles 59 miles

On Wednesday 22nd January, Chloe from Cookie Jar Life heads off on  bike for a bit of a treasure hunt with a twist which ends with meeting Sally from Faded SeasideMama at Dover castle.

On Thursday 23 January, Becky of The Mummy Adventure and heading off on the bike for a bit of a treasure hunt with a twist. Faded SeasideMamawill be travelling 4 miles from Ramsgate to Broadstairs using their feet, pushchairs or slings to carry their children with lots of laughter.

On Friday 24 January, Becky and Sally will then travel 55 miles from Broadstairs to Gravesend by car. They will have two sleeping boys in the back, but will do their best to make this a fun challenge and not just a boring drive from A to B. Team Honk Dover will be passing the baton to Team Honk Gravesend by 14.30pm.
To get involved with the Dover leg or offer local support please join the Dover Team Honkers Facebook Group here.[clear-line]

Gravesend – Saturday 25th January – total distance approx 36 miles

Marianne from Mari’s World plans to ferry and cycle the baton from Gravesend to Southend. Legs of steel that woman has!
To get involved with the Gravesend leg or offer local support please join the Gravesend Team Honkers Facebook Group here.

Southend -Sunday 26th January

On Sunday 26th January, Jamillah from Bare Beginnings, Sherry from A Lot Never Happens and Cas from Mummyneversleeps will be travelling just over 20 miles from Southend to Chelmsford, mainly in the form of running, walking and staggering. Dressed up in football kits, imfamous Essex girls or possibly even some comedy onesies! At approx 3pm on the 26th January, they will pass the baton to Team Honk Chelmsford, headed by Michelle from The American Resident and Mary from Keynko from TeamHonk Chelmsford.
To get involved with the Southend leg or offer local support please join the Southend Team Honkers Facebook Group here.

Chelmsford & Colchester – Mon 27th, Tues 28th & Weds 29th January

Chelmsford and Colchester have combined forces for this leg to get the Team Honk baton to Great Yarmouth. On Monday morning 27th January Mary  (Keynko) (, Kelly  (A Real Bride’s Guide) ( ) and Michelle  (The American Resident) ( will be fortifying themselves at a coffee morning with friends before their big road trip send-off, travelling an epic 80 miles along the A12 from Chelmsford to Southwold in a car with red streamers and “Text HONK to Donate!” signs. In the great tradition of the road trip they’ll be stopping at all the tourist sites in between, taking photos with their baton then sending the photos to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with #teamhonk and a link to donate. Mary will also be live blogging as they go!
Later Monday 27th January Asa  of BigFamilyLittleAdventures will be travelling 13 miles from Southwold to Lowestoft using his nine seater decorated minibus. On Tuesday 28th January he will pass the baton to Mandi  from Hex Mum and Sarah  from Boo, Roo and Tigger Too at Britains Most Easterly Point, Ness Point Lowestoft.
To get involved with this leg or offer local support please join the Chelmsford Team Honkers Facebook Group here.

Great Yarmouth – Thursday 30th January – total distance 30 miles

On Thursday 30th January the 30 miles to Norwich will the travelled using walking frames, scooters, trains and anything else they can get their hands on in fancy dress, which we are told will be a surprise! Team Honk Great Yarmouth will be passing the baton to Team Honk Norwich at Norwich City Centre Thursday afternoon.
To get involved with the Great Yarmouth leg or offer local support please join the Great Yarmouth Team Honkers Facebook Group here.

Norwich – Friday 31st January & Saturday 1st February

Clare from Seasider in the City will be up to all manner of sporty things including cycling, running on treadmill, swimming, and rowing machine – more info to follow!
To get involved with the Norwich leg or offer local support please join the Norwich Team Honkers Facebook Group here.

Cambridge – Sunday 2nd February – total distance 45 miles

On Sunday 2nd February Helen of Kiddy Charts and Stickers, Stars and Smiles and Liz of Me and My Shadow and their respective partners will be travelling a total of 45 miles in relay. This leg of the route will commence at 7am with Liz’s partner Simon swimming the river Cam from Grantchester, through to Cambridge city centre. Somehow we managed to persuade Simon to get wet for us; and wear his fetching swimming togs.

Following these early morning swimming shenanigans, Simon will hand the baton over to Helen’s husband Paul who will don tight Lycra to cycle from Cambridge to Bedford. From there at around 10:30, Simon and Paul will then run a half marathon to deliver the baton to Helen and Liz at Newport Pagnell. Somehow we managed to get the shortest route, but will have to be extra silly to make up for this. Expect fancy dress..Liz and Helen will then walk the final 5 miles to Milton Keynes city centre, handing over to Sandy of Baby Baby at around 4pm.
To get involved with the Cambridge leg or offer local support please join the Cambridge Team Honkers Facebook Group here.

Milton Keynes – Monday 3rd February – total distance tbc

Sandy from Baby Baby had never run anywhere ever, until she started the Couch to 5k programme in September 2013. On 3rd February she will run 5k in Milton Keynes, with red pants on her head. Then she will hand over the baton to Hayley from Shutterflies who will also be running. Finally Mary from My Model Mummy will collect the baton, ready for the next stage.
To get involved with the Milton Keynes leg or offer local support please join the Milton Keynes Team Honkers Facebook Group here.

Hemel Hempstead & St Albans – Tuesday 4th February – total distance tbc

On Tuesday 4th February at 9.30am Hemel Honkers convene Mary from My Model Mummy, Paul from I’m Well Confused, Carolynne from Mummy Endeavours,  Clare from The Vegetarian Expereince at Radio Dacorum for coverage, moral support and general Honk Love. At 10.30am Mary and Paul leave Radio Dacorum for Mandeville School  to arrive at time TBC.
The baton then travels from Mandeville School somehow with Chrissie from Mediocre Mum and the children of Jenny from Cheetahs in my Shoes (and hopefully about 300 more, we’ll work on that) to hand over to Renata from Just Bring the Chocolate , Everyone Else is Normal , Annie aka JustAnnieQPR at St Peter’s who will get the baton into the town centre to the Herts Advertiser (newspaper) office for about 2pm. From the Herts Advertiser office, Helen from Actually Mummy will run it to Wheatfields School and then collect hopefully Kirsty from Damson Lane and Penny from Being Mrs C on the way to head to the station to hand it over to Steph from Steph’s Two Girls and Hannah from Muddling Along Mummy at the station to travel into London.
To get involved with the St Albans leg or offer local support please join the St Albans Team Honkers Facebook Group here.

London – Wednesday 5th February – total distance tbc

London will be doing their leg in ingenious Monopoly themed fashion – Honkopoly! Aiming to cover every colour of the Monopoly board with a couple of extra iconic points of interest along the way, they will have artwork of the board locations for photo oppotunities at each change over.They will walk (skip, run, skate, push a buggy etc) or use London transport – bus, tube, train, bikes, black cab – with aroundb 3 people on each leg, with at least one of the team leaders on each section. Armed with the baton and props including Get Out Of Jail , Chance and Pass Go cards as weel as leaflets to pass out to people with details of what they are doing and the text donate number. Here’s their plan so far: London TeamHonk Relay Plan

Bloggers taking part in the London leg so far include: Vanessa from HPMcQ, Sophie from Franglaise Mummy , Sarah from Grenglish, Swazi from Chocolate is not the only fruit, Alison from Not Another Mummy Blog, Jennifer from Jenography, Gillian from A Baby on Board, Rosie from Mummy and Boo, Gretta from Mums Do Travel, Julia from I Carried a Watermelon, Stephanie from Was This In The Plan?, Nimmo, Jacinta from Jacintaz3, Maria aka @maniasmama3, Sachelle from Holiday Tots, Maggy from RedTedArt, Nell from the Pigeon Pair and Me  and Loved by Parents.
To get involved with the London leg or offer local support please join the London Team Honkers Facebook Group here.

Fleet – Thursday 6th February – total distance 18 miles

On Thursday 6th February, Tanya from Mummy Barrow, Laura from Lady Briggs and Charly from PODCast, accompanied by Ivan and Bruce will be going From Fleet to Wokingham to meet up with more bloggers who will do the remaining miles to Reading by bike. The first stint though is going to be done the long way way round as these bloggers don’t like to do things by halves, so have in fact doubled the normal route of ten miles to twenty. They are taking three buses to go the long way round in order to get to Crowthorne from where they will walk three miles, in fancy dress to Luckley House  School, Wokingham.
Waiting for them will be Suzanne from 3 Children and It cycling with Belinda (not a blogger) and Filipa from Gourmet Mum and anyone else they can muster! They will take the baton the nine miles to Reading where it will be handed over a the end of the day to Alice Hassall and a merry bunch.
To get involved with the Fleet leg or offer local support please join the Fleet Team Honkers Facebook Group here.

Reading – Friday 7th February – total distance 43 miles

On Thursday 7th February, Suzanne from 3 children and It and non-blogging friend Belinda Albasini, Filipa from Gourmet Mum and anyone else they can muster will be cycling 9 miles from Wokingham to Reading. Taking the baton from them at Reading and travelling to Sonning / Henley will be Amanda from Amanda Jennings, Melissa from Melissa Jolly, Alice from My Life,My Son,My Way and Nellie from Small Bum Big Adventure and son. Taking the baton on them from Henley to Oxford is Polly Kemp along with a mini convoy to tie be outriders for Henley to Oxford.
To get involved with the Reading leg or offer local support please join the Reading Team Honkers Facebook Group here.

Oxford – Saturday 8th February and Sunday 9th February- total distance 60 miles

On  8th February and 9th Katie from Randomnest and fellow team mates, non-bloggers Kelly White, Jayne Pegden, Frankie Howard will be travelling 59.5 miles from Oxford to Chipping Sodbury using running and bikes possibly wearing fancy dress. On 9th February, Oxford will pass on the baton to Bristol Team Honker Rachel from Mummy Glitzer at the Cross Hands Hotel,Chipping Sodbury (BS37 6RJ).
To get involved with the Oxford leg or offer local support please join the Oxford Team Honkers Facebook Group here.

Bristol – Sunday 9th,10th and  11th February- total distance 60 miles

On Saturday 9th February the Bristol blogging team will be travelling 12 miles from Chipping Sodbury to Bristol using an as yet undecided but surely fun and fabulous method of travel. On Sunday 10th February they will take the baton around Bristol harbour on a ferry boat, then up to the landmark suspension bridge, where they will be running, skipping and even juggling across the bridge. Then someones auntie (yes really, what a team) is running the baton to Portishead a total of about 10 miles.

The following day on Monday 11th February they will take the baton to it’s final destination of glorious Gloucester. Astonishingly they plan to do this in a car!. It’s a jaw dropping 38 miles, which the average car would take at least two years to travel, we’re hoping to do it in a morning, can they do it? Who knows but they are going to give it a try! Bloggers taking part include Emily from TeaLady Mumbles, Jennifer from Mum Of One, Ella from Purple Mum, Carolin from Mummy Alarm, Rachel from Mummy Glitzer, Jen from Instinctive Mum, Kath from Knitty Mummy, Viv from 76 Sunflowers and Jane from Practically
Perfect Mums Portishead
To get involved with the Bristol leg or offer local support please join the Bristol Team Honkers Facebook Group here.

Gloucestershire – Weds. 12th February- total distance miles

On Wednesday 12th February Julie from Julie’s Notebook will take the Baton from Team Honk Bristol in Gloucester (at the Cross) towards Cheltenham (6 miles) – dressed as a Gloucester Fan with her dog also dressed in a Gloucester shirt!

From Cheltenham, Sarah from Mum of Three World will then run 10 miles towards Gotherington. Joy from PinkOddy will then walk in fancy dress 6 miles towards Tewkesbury.

The baton will then stay with Joy overnight before being passed over to Nikki from Stressy Mummy in Tewkesbury on Saturday 15th Feb between 8:30-9am. Supported by her children and some Team Honk flags and banners, she will drive up the M5 to Worcester to meet Jo Brigdale. At approx 10.30am, Jo from Jo’s Kitchen and Jo’s Nursery will collect the baton from Nikki in Worcester (near J7, M5). Jo will then drive in her decorated car back to Halesowen and will then collect her children (Thomas aged 2 and newborn baby (not yet named)) and get the no.9 bus from Halesowen to Bearwood, West Birmingham.
To get involved with the Gloucestershire leg or offer local support please join the Gloucestershire Team Honkers Facebook Group here.

Birmingham — total distance miles

Jo from Jo’s Kitchen and Jo’s Nursery, her pushchair and her children will be dressed up and she is hoping to fundraise while on the bus into Bearwood. Once in Bearwood, Jo will pass the baton to Erica from 92three30 and A little Luxury for Me at approx. noon Erica will continue to Birmingham City Centre by bus to meet up with Rebecca from Here come the Girls to pass the baton to her at around 1pm.

Rebecca will ice skate around and ice rink before passing the baton to Iona from RedPeffer who will be with her two children, all dressed in swimwear. Iona will then travel by train and at around 2:30pm the baton will be passed from Iona to Emma from Life According to Mrs Shilts at Sutton Coldfield train station and Emma will drive it to Cannock in her Team Honk colours to pass the baton to Helen from The Crazy Kitchen at approx 4pm ready for their fun packed adventures the following day.

On Sunday 16th February at 9am Fi from Childcare is Fun and Helen from The Crazy Kitchen will be cycling 9 miles from Hixon to Stafford supported by friends & family, dressed as “Where’s Wally”. They will then be travelling by train at 11.36 dressed as the “Ugly Sisters” or in onesies, 111 miles to Peterborough via Nuneaton (facepainting / cakeselling at station & along route) and passing the baton to Amanda from Team Honk Peterborough at 14.17.
To get involved with the >Birmingham leg or offer local support please join the >Birmingham Team Honkers Facebook Group here.

Peterborough – Sun. 16th, Mon.17th, Sun. 23rd, Tues 25th February – total distance 55 miles

Monday 17th Feb

Amanda (@_MummyManda_) , Rachael (@RachBuzzel) Jill (@JillEve2), Danielle (@DanniPlus4) and friends walked the baton 15 miles to Stamford. They passed it to Amanda’s husband in their bike shop, Simon (with a group of followers will then cycle on his Penny Farthing from Stamford to Baston. This route is about 8 miles.

Wednesday 19th Feb

Peterborough took the baton on a detour – holding a Team Honk and Sport Relief themed Zumba! Everyone was asked to wear something red, to dance, laugh, sing along and have a good time! Encouraging everyone to have fun whilst exercising and leave with a massive smile on their face.

Sunday 23rd Feb

CycleWright Cycle Club and others completed the last part of Team Honk Peterborough’s leg of the Relay Challenge by cycling the baton 50 miles via picturesque villages of Toft, Edenham, Irnham, Boothby Pagnall and Great Somerby to TenPin Grantham where they handed over Mr. B to Lucy Wray and Amanda Shortman from Team Honk Nottingham at 10.30am.

Nottingham – Tuesday 25th & Wednesday 26th February – total distance 60 miles

On Tuesday 25th Feb Penny from The Alexander Residence ,Hannah Webster, Rebecca Cowling, Jenny Hare, Simon Hare, Alex Navarro, Emma Woodward, Sarah Handle, Lucy from Lish Concepts and Donna from Donna Navarro will be travelling from Grantham to West Bridgford approx 30 miles using the power of their BIKES, dressed as one of Robin Hood’s merry men. If any teams or sports groups would like to get involved on the Tuesday evening, do get in touch!

On Wednesday 26th Feb they will pass the baton to Jen from Love Chic Living, Louise from My Gorgeous Boys, Emily from A Mummy Too and Amanda from The Ana Mum Diary who will be travelling 30 miles to Derby, walking/scooting and wearing Robin Hood and his merry men costumes.

Derby – Thursday 27th February

This morning Jaime (@OliversMadhouse) and Penny (@Aresidence) will be donning some interesting Pj’s with some very large red wigs (thank you (@joke_co_uk) Sports Relief T-shirts and hopefully their comfy shoes as they set out on their journey to meet Julia (@wannabefoodie7) at 11am at the Stunning Chatsworth House (@ChatsworthHous) in Derbyshire where they will be smiling sweetly at the passing tourists in the hopes they take pity on them and give generously.

At 12.30 Jaime (@OliversMadhouse) and Penny (Aresidence) will set off on their epic journey to finish 20 miles away at The Sitwell Arm Hotel (@SitwellH) via road, field, mud, puddles and hopefully not cowpat to where Leyla (@thisdayilove) and/or Hubby will collect the baton at 6.30pm allowing Jaime (@OliversMadhouse) and Penny (@Aresidence) to reflect on the day and think about the journey home.

Team Honk Sheffield – Friday 28th February, Sat. 1st & Sun. 2nd March – total distance 100 miles

Friday 28th Feb :  @adadcalledspen will meet the Barnsley FC football team (@bfc_official) to do a relay with players at Barnsley’s Oakwell football ground. Then onto Eden Mobility where Barnsley MP Dan Jarvis @DanJarvisMP will be in attendance to kick off The Ride Of The Mobilities!
At 12pm a flotilla of mobility scooters will leave Eden Mobility for Barnsley Town Centre where various events and sporting activities will take at Peel Square, with the help of Team Activ (@team_activ). We will be visited by the Barnsley Black Heart Roller Derby team (@BarnsleyBHR) who’ll meet @adadcalledspen to take the baton around the town centre. On roller skates.

Saturday 1st March: Today sees Leyla from This Day I Love take the baton, with soft play fun in the morning and followed by a 3 mile walk with a 1 and 3 yr old (no easy task!)

Later in the afternoon the baton goes for a swim as @thisdayilove ‘s 3 year old swims 5m (without any support) and her 1 year old swims 5m with a little support.

Saturday is all about the small ones and helping them to stay active and letting them have fun with the baton and the team honk relay.  Please support them they are only little

The evening sees @thisdayilove complete a 10k on a rowing machine

Hull – Mon 3rd, Tues 4th and Weds 5th March – total distance 70 miles

On the Sunday 2nd March at around 2pm, the Hulls Angels Roller Dames will be collecting the baton from Team Honk Sheffield on the mid-point of the Humber Bridge and bringing the baton down to the main car park, where there will be a mass cycle ride over the 7 miles in to Hull to an as yet to be arranged sporting venue (Hint, hint – this is one part where we need help from the sporting great and good of Hull).

On the morning of Monday 3rd March, Neil from Hull Rickshaws will collect the baton from the sporting venue and head to Hessle Road where he will pass the baton to Tami from Mummy of Two who is heading up a mass pram push to the other end of Hessle Road, which is about a mile. This will start at 10am. At ASDA, Tami will pass the baton on. As yet we are unsure who will be doing this, but we have had an offer of help from the Sunday Girls Cycling Group.

At some point to the west of Hull, this leg will pass the baton on to Joanne from Kids Days Out Reviews and Stuart from Hull Cycle Courier Service who will be cycling the Trans Pennine Trail towards Selby, via North Ferriby and Howden. This leg is approximately 30 miles and may well be the untimely death of Joanne. Stuart, however, is an experienced cyclist and a veteran of the TPT. The gimmick in this is the look on Joanne’s face when we get to destination intact. If anyone would like to help with reducing the mileage (for Joanne’s sake if nothing else) or with keeping us company en route, this would be much welcomed.

The route will then go on Tuesday 4th March from Selby, and head up through Cawood, Tadcaster, Boston Spa, and Collingham. The last few miles will be cycled by Heather from Bury Family Life who has kindly volunteered to come over from Lancashire to help us out (God love ‘er!). 

Team Honk Bradford – Thursday 6th & Friday 7th March – total distance 63 miles

On Wednesday 5th March Sian from You’re not from round here will be travelling 15 miles from Harewood House, Leeds to Ilkley to Kirsty from Eeh Bah Mum who will be travelling 5 miles to Silsden Morris dancing. On Thursday 6th March afternoon Heather from Pret-a-Mummy will run 5 miles to Keighley.

On Friday 7th March morning Michelle from Crowtherclan will be travelling 18 miles to Huddersfield using a mixture of motor car and a human powered flintstones car. She will pass the baton to Emma from Tales of a Greenwood who will be cycling 20 miles to Manchester. Team Honk Bradford will be passing the baton to Team Honk Manchester at Ashton under Lyne Friday 7th March sometime in the late afternoon.

Manchester/Cheshire/Lancashire – Sat. 8th, Sun. 9th, Mon. 10th March

Late on Friday 7th March the baton will be received from Bradford in Ashton under Lyne. Adam from Gaming Daddy of Two will scoot the baton to Stockport Air Raid shelters and Sara aka @missesg28 will collect it from Stockport Air Raid Shelters and Cycle to Old Bedians RUFC.

On the morning of Saturday 8th Feb, Amanda Walsh from Life with ASD and me will walk from Old Bedians RUFC to Chorlton Water Park passing the baton to Emma from The Cheshire Wife who will walk from Chorlton water park to Sale water park. A collection of bloggers will meet Charlie at Deansgate dressed in various forms of fancy dress to take it across the city involving a pub crawl.

On Sunday 9th March the baton leaves Prestwich at 8am to head to Giant’s Seat with Jennifer from My Mummies Pennies and family walking a nature trail. Arriving around 9.30am at Giant’s Seat the baton will then be cycled to Moses Gate Country Park by Heather from Not From Lapland and children.

Once at Moses Gate Country Park, Ian’s Explorer Scouts will do something crazy until 11am when Pippa from Red Rose Mummy and Simone from Sims Life and whoever else wants to join in the journey to Atherton Railway Station. At 12.30 pm the baton will arrive at Atherton Railway Station to pass on to Lisa from HollyBobbs  who will walk into Wigan town centre (8 miles) where she will pass to Wendy from Daisies and Pie  who will pram walk to Standish and pass to Ruth  from Ruth Writes, who will walk to Burscough ( 9 miles). Ruth will pass the baton to Leanne from Second Time Mummy at Burscough Wharf.

On Monday 10th March at 9am, Leanne from Second Time Mummy and her husband Chris will travel 15 miles from Burscough to Leyland Train Station by bike dressed in onesies, where they will pass the baton to Angela from This Is Life at 11am at Leyland Train Station. Angela will drive to Capitol Centre with a Sport Relief/Team Honk decorated car passing it to Kelly from Preston Precious and Victoria to arrive at 12:00pm at Deepdale Football Museum.

Preston- Tuesday 11th to Friday 14th March

Friday 14th March
Today The Family Adventure Project 26 mile multi activity marathon (scoot, canoe, run, swim and cycle) from Morecambe to Kendal continues.
Today it’s by bike – this is a family putting in serious effort! Later this morning the baton leaves their happy hands and passes to @lakessinglemum Team Honk Kendal.
Wednesday 12th March
Today and tomorrow The Family Adventure Project will take the Team Honk Baton on a 26 mile multi activity marathon (scoot, canoe, run, swim and cycle) from Morecambe to Kendal.
Today it’s by canoe and cross country running!
Tuesday 11th March
On Tuesday 11th March,Vicky from will start the day at Preston, Deepdale with the baton and banner, along with a car full of cupcakes from her Vintage Tea Room, Sitting Pretty. Vicky will be delivering cupcakes to businesses and individuals along the route from Preston to Morecambe. £1.50 per cupcake or £5 per box of 4 with money from the cupcake sales going to the #TeamHonk fund. At 11am, Vicky will be in the tea room with the baton for elevenses before handing the baton over in Morecambe at 4pm to Kirstie from


Saturday 15th March

Spring may be here, but there may still be a dusting of snow as the baton crosses the Pennines from Kendal on Saturday 15th March! To be on the safe side, it will be kept warm in a car with Becky of (@lakessinglemum) and her children.
The handover is happening on the steps of the spectacular Bowes Museum in Barnard Castle, the home of the world’s first ever toy train. They’ll be honking their way up and down the sweep of the drive as the baton goes from West to East into the hands of the Darlington team, HeadinBook (@headinbook) and her family. Once back in Darlington it will take a trip along the original Darlington to Stockton railway line, before being handed over to Cass of (@frugalfamily) who will carry on Honking all the way up to Durham.


Darlington – Sunday 16th March – total distance 22 miles

Cass  and family of (@frugalfamily) is  picking up the baton from @headinbook and will be travelling between Darlington and Durham and stopping at as many playparks as she can fit in while wearing onesies.  They are meeting up with Grace Gray ( @threeboysandcat) in Durham City centre, they will the walk around the city, along the river wearing onesies with their children.

Durham – Monday 17th & Tuesday 18th March -total distance 40 miles

On Monday 17th March,  Grace ( @threeboysandcat) will be walking the baton along the muddy Weardale Way, stopping in Washington for cake with Kelly aka  before meeting Angela aka at the Angel of the North.

Scotland Team Honk – Wednesday 19th March – Sunday 23rd March
The baton arrives in Scotland on March 19 & will move north by  cycle rides, a walk over the Forth Road Bridge, skiing down the Cairngorms, whitewater rafting on the River Tay, & a munro climb. It arrives in John O’Groats on March 23rd.

To get involved with the Washington – John O Groats leg or offer local support please join the Edinburgh Team Honkers Facebook Group here.


  1. thrilled to be part of this epic team honk relay, what a way to remember turning 40!! HONK HONK x

  2. If I can help on the 19th or 20th March get the baton further north from Washington, I’ll happily drag my bike out from under the pile of stuff in the shed! I might even bring Reuben along for the ride in his trailer (for a bit – he’s heavy and doesn’t really like it!) – I recon I could do 30 miles (or 40 at a push) if that helps?

  3. I am on the case. Got a few ideas for Scotland, and have put out a few feelers. Will hopefully be able to add to this inspirational list with a group of volunteers north of the border, doing something amazing xxx

  4. Just sent request to join Preston group. We could bike or microscooter a chunk of the Preston route around Lancaster/Morecambe…

  5. Katie

    I think it’s not too much of a gliche but dates have gone wrong at reading, oxford, bristol. Days and dates don’t match. I’m not sure how far this goes. Reading to oxford on friday 7th. Oxford carries baton sat 8th feb and sun 9th feb…. X

  6. This is all very exciting – and talks are underway to involve our Beavers (aged only 6-8 years old!) when it is staying with me overnight!Thank you for all organising this 🙂

  7. I’ve just read all this – it is utterly amazing! I’m jealous I’m not part of that London team! But the imagination that everyone has put into their sections is just brilliant. Can’t wait now!

  8. So excited to be part of a fabulous event and especially with our London Honkopoly team! Lets all raise lots of money!!! Hats off to all those putting in the hard work and organising everything! xxx

  9. […] Team Honk’s master plan this year begins on Sunday 12th January 2014. A relay from Land’s End to John O’Groats involving 150 bloggers who are collectively looking to raise £20,000. The Team Honk blogger relay kicks off in Cornwall and will finish on the 23rd March in John O’Groats. That’s a whopping 3,000 miles over a period of 6 weeks! We’ll be walking, jogging, roller skating, swimming, pushing buggies, jumping on trains, flying…you name it we’re probably doing it! You can check out the route here. […]

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