Team Honk and the #RNDDanceathon 2015 Blog Post Linky

Team Honk and the #RNDDanceathon 2015 Blog Post LinkyWe love how lovely blogging members of Team Honk support and help the fundraising efforts for Comic Relief and this years Red Nose Day is going to be amazingly special for everyone involved.
Should you mention the Danceathon in a blog post at any time please do link up your post below so that we can all find it and support and share it from the Team Honk Facebook Page, Twitter account and pin your images to the Team Honk Pinterest board and so other people joining in can find out that you are involved too.

Please remember that whilst writing a blog post about the event or you involvement isn’t something that we assume you will do, it’s something that is genuinely appreciated, not just by all Honkers but by Comic Relief and ultimately the lives of those people we are trying to change and really does help get the message ‘out there’ and we really, REALLY want to hit out 500 person target!