#TeamHonkRelay Fundraising 101

#TeamHonkRelay Fundraising 101So now the grand plan and route for the Team Honk relay has been announced we can now get down to the nitty gritty of what this is really all about, raising money. We are keen that everybody involved in the Team Honk Relay gets some sponsorship because our target is epic. Huge in fact.
Last year we all managed to raise £10,000 with just six weeks of planning. Which is phenomenal. So this year we are doubling it. Yes doubling it because we know how amazing bloggers and their friends and family truly are. So if we are going to raise £20,000 we all need to do our bit.

Sport Relief have a great way of doing it via their website with their own giving pages. We have signed Team Honk up for a Team Page with that grand total of £20,000 as our target. Then we have signed up team member pages for each group/town that had a Facebook group. We felt keeping it as groups under the team page was better than all having individual pages, for a number of reasons. Mainly because we don’t want this to be seen as competitive amongst individuals as that leads to people feeling dejected when they don’t raise as much. Every penny counts and makes a difference so we want to focus on that and not some people being worried that they haven’t raised as much as others. But equally we want to make sure that everybody does their bit. Having groups along the lines of the towns means that these teams all still work together as a team and money raised during their time with baton is counted as a team effort. We hope that makes sense. So it does mean that you don’t need to do anything other than promote your team page and share it amongst all your friends. They can donate to it directly very easily.

Which leads to our next point. Collecting in buckets. People have asked about this and sadly you cannot collect in public without a licence, issued by the local authority. Which we cannot do and don’t have time to do either. SO. What we thought was that as you can’t raise money in public maybe when you are en route you could talk to a friendly café owner maybe, or publican and ask if you can collect there, not in public but in their establishment. This should get around the “collecting money in public” dilemma. We will of course also have a “Text Honk to donate £5” number but that is not finalised yet.

There are sponsorship forms on the website that you can download and use amongst work colleagues and also cards that you can carry on the day too. All here: http://www.sportrelief.com/fundraise/ideas-and-tools . Obviously if you want to make up the collection box that is on there and have that in the office then do , that is fine. Just remember you cant make one and carry it with you to collect in public.

T shirts will be available to buy on the Sport Relief website too from this week and we are keen that everybody taking part wears one! Think of all the pics. If you order on line they will take five days to arrive but from next week they will also be available to buy in Sainsburys. Clearly money spent on those also goes direct to Sport Relief too.

Whilst promoting Team Honk stuff we would also like to promote the Official Sport Relief Games that everybody can sign up for so if you can mention those in any talks you have with media, or on your blogs it would be much appreciated by Sport Relief.

We will be back with lots of tips re fund raising and how to get money collected over the next few days but were keen to get this information to you as soon as possible.
Any questions, do drop us a tweet @team_honk