Thank yous, medals and an incredible surprise!

team honk medal

We have some incredible news, but first things first!

It is amazing how much a medal means when you hit the end of a challenge. Having run in a Sport Relief Games 6 and one Mile – which I can heartily recommend for the atmosphere and family fun – and got a shiny medal, I feel very guilty we didn’t think of medals for all those who took part in #teamhonkrelay – next year maybe we can have proper ones?

In the meantime, we made cut out and keep medals.  All you need is scissors, glue, ribbon and some stiff card to put in the middle.

KIDS, you need to make these for your Mum for Mother’s Day, or for your Dad just because!

Huge thanks to all those who took part in #teamhonkrelay, all those who sponsored, and all those who supported those who took part – practically, emotionally and socially.

We THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

You are incredible -your creativity, stamina and drive has blown us away.

You’ve created #lastingchange in the world. Be proud!

Now for the final surprise…

We have one last lovely surprise, Tiger Feet Party,  the children’s and adults’ party company, always donate to a good cause each year. We are so pleased to announce, that having watched your antics they have come forward with the amazing news that they have chosen to make Sport Relief, via #teamhonkrelay, their focus for donations this year. We are delighted to share that Tiger Feet Party are donating an incredible £4,000, which brings our total over the £30,000 mark we had secretly hoped and dreamed of all along.

LOOK AT THAT TOTAL! Incredible eh? They are @TigerFeetParty on Twitter, do say hello.

Well done you!



  1. When tigerfeetparty login to twitter they are going to have about four thousand thank yous and RTs. 😉

  2. What brilliant news! And do you know what, we actually DID get a Sport Relief Mile medal on Sunday for doing the Team Honk Relay (not for running, we were eating cake at the time….!) Because my lovely son had decided to donate his savings (all £16 of it, destined for a power ranger megazord…) to Sport Relief instead (after watching some of the films about the kids who, he worked out, needed it more than him…). We handed it in to those collecting for the mile, told them about how the kids had been involved in starting the Lands End – John O-Groats relay, and they presented them both with medals for that! ACE 🙂

  3. Such astounding news and what a way to round things off! Thanks to Tiger Feet Party and to all you incredible and totally bonkers Honkers! xoxo

  4. That’s just honktastic isn’t it? Just absolutely incredible.
    Ladies – all kinds of awesome for organising. Bloggers – you’re all kinds of awesome taking part and raiding money. Social media lovelies – you’re all kinds of awesome supporting the Team honk of awesome.

    That’s a lot of awesome.

    A whole lot of awesome. You are all amazing! Xx

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