Why I am doing the TeamHonkDanceathon

Jonnie, 19, and Mummy Barrow’s favourite son (okay, her only son) tells Team Honk why he is getting involved with the Team Honk Danceathon and busting some shapes for 6 hours to raise money for Comic Relief.  Over to Jonnie:

…. busting some shapes?  I can safely say I won’t be busting some shapes.  Who even says that?  Did my mum write that introduction?  <shakes head>

I AM though taking part in the Danceathon at Wembley and will be dancing for six hours.   Why?  That is a good question and no doubt on Sunday morning at 7am when mum says “Jonnie you need to get up” I will be asking it repeatedly.

But actually I do know why.   Because dancing for six hours and giving up my Sunday is going to be worth the £150 I hope to raise.   Money that I know will make a big difference.   In fact I want to raise double that.   Betfair have said that by telling you why I am getting involved they will give my fundraising a boost which I am really pleased about, as it means I am well on my way now to smashing my target.

My mum has just come back from her third trip to Africa with Comic Relief and has told hundreds of stories of the difference just a fiver can make.  Vaccines, mosquito nets, meals for children living in poverty in the UK, the list is endless.  I can’t imagine not knowing where my next hot meal is coming from but thanks to my mum talking about projects supported by Comic Relief I know that this is very real for thousands of children.    I also didn’t really know that projects were supported in the UK, I knew about Africa, because mum has been out there, but I didn’t know that projects in the UK were helped too.  And that we are only thirty miles from a project receiving Comic Relief support, wherever we are in the UK.   It’s hard to think that just a few miles away a child could be going hungry tonight or not knowing where they might be sleeping.

This PDF from Comic Relief shows were money raised between 2009 and 2013 has been spent in the UK.   40% of the grants helped young people having a tough time in the UK.   I climbed Snowdon with my step dad and a group from Team Honk and it’s a nice feeling knowing that for that one day of climbing the money we all raised has been put to good use.

And is still being put to good use.  Mum explained that money isnt just given to a person who has an immediate need for it,  they are often given the skills to help themselves and I think that is really important as it makes people feel better about themselves.

The cost of a six inch meatball sub in Subway can change a person’s life.    Mum has told lots of these stories on her blog:  Mummy Barrow but she has told us hundreds more at home and I want to just do my bit really.   The ladies in Kenya who made porridge that mum met this year are often mentioned, and so is the man in Ghana who made furniture and turned his life around after being diagnosed with a mental illness and receiving support from a local group.    I know he really made an impression on my mum as mental health issues are something we know about in this family.

These are real people, not just people on a film on the telly, but real people that my mum has met and that she often now talks about and so we all want to do our bit to help them, and thousands more people like them.

Six hours is nothing really when you think about it.

And nor is a fiver

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