Project Spotlight: Little Hands

This week we’re  highlighting some of the projects that are supported by Comic Relief, here in the UK.

The parents who attend Little Hands are deaf and use BSL. They rarely attend mainstream baby/toddler groups in their area, due to worries that they may not understand what is happening or other parents as there can be too much happening or people talk too fast.

A lack of confidence in approaching people for advice due to the language barrier means by not attending they are missing out on valuable information and support that those groups offer. This also makes an impact on their children as they too miss out on the activities and meeting other children which is beneficial to their learning.

With support from a £1,000 Comic Relief grant, Little Hands can continue providing support and advice to deaf parents.

If you are a blogger local to this project and would like to arrange a visit to find out more for yourself, please do drop us a line at Please note: We’re not longer arranging visits.

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